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BaGua Flow – The Foundation

BaGua Flow – The Foundation:  The BaGua...

Bo Staff Techniques- Outdoor Class

Outdoor Class with Bamboo Bo Staffs:   The...

BaGua Fan Form

Chinese Fan – Dance:  the Chinese Fans are...

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Bagua Flow  translates as; eight diagram flow

BaGua Flow (baah gu-wa) is a beautifully choreographed internal martial arts foundation that uses six-foot bamboo Bo Staffs and Chinese Fans to help magnify energy, power and focus, providing a wonderful exercise journey steeped in the powerful traditions of ancient alchemy.

The BaGua Flow exercises were inspired by the book; Dragons Tigers and Lipstick ;  The Tao of the Modern Woman Warrior. Within this special exercise program you will learn the keys to the secret foundation as taught in the book.   You’ll gain a strong inner power, permeated with an artistic, expressive quality, which combines deep philosophy with movement, coordination and mind/body focus.

BaGua Flow is being taught to female instructors who wish to empower other women who desire to take their lives and exercise to new levels of extreme power, success and internal beauty.

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